Despre noi

Tricosport takes great pride in being present on

the Romanian market for few decades.

Our company provides equipment and footwear

We have experience and specialized expertise for

for a wide variety of athletic activities.

lots of sports and full-service supplier.


The offering of sports equipment and footwear,

covers a wide range of sports, including soccer,

Basketball, tennisbadminton, fitness training,

cycling, running, and diving.

adults and children

women and men

winter and summer

indoor and outdoor

individual and team

Noi suntem Tricosport

Ce ne diferentiaza?

  • Tricosport’s products are designed to improve the performance of the athletes – both beginners and professionals, help them achieve their goals, and provide them with more enjoyment from their activity of choice.
  • Tricosport’s strategy emphasizes excellence through continuous development and communication with its partners.

Elemente forte

  • Tricosport’s products are personalized and an expression of our partners’ stories and needs.
  • We designe, execute and produce t-shirts, shorts, soccer tracksuits, vests and equipment soccer referee, goalkeeper gloves, scarves and flags.
  • Our products combine force, intelligence and courage, boldness and power, elegance and unicity.
  • Tricosport has built its reputation though positive attitude, discipline, ambition and loyalty.

Ne plac clienti satisfacuti

we think as you think

we do as you want

we guide you

we listen you

we understand you

we support you succeed

What about you?

You will simply love Tricosport!